Recovery Line

VetHelps’ Recovery Line is made of breathable organic cotton (92% cotton and 8% elastane). It is dogs’/cats’ and their owners’ preferred alternative to a bulky plastic collar cone.

Recovery Suit helps a pet to an active recovery after it has been spayed or neutered. It also eases discomfort from different skin conditions, sutures, wounds etc. It is also a perfect diaper keeper to a female dog in heat.

Recovery Line

Suits are available in 17 different sizes – designed for pets of different shapes and sizes. With its’ snug fit, that feels like second skin, they are made to protect the smallest Chihuahua to a Great Dane. They come in 2 models; Male (standard color blue) and female (pink). This way there is no need to remove the suit when dog/cat needs to releave themselves.

D-sizes (D3, D4, D5 and D6) are made for dogs with wider chests and wider necks; Corgi, Pugs, French Bulldogs just to name a few.

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Our products are developed by veterinarians and available to veterinarian clinics in the Nordic region (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) also as a ”white label” product. Market your clinic with your logo and your own colors.

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"Finally a product that can replace the awful plastic cone! Elvis sleeps, drinks, eats and is out and about as usual. He can continue to be a dog despite his injury."

- Elvis mom Susanne

Leg Covers?

Leg Covers are mostly used for covering up leg fractures, bedsores and fight inflicted bites/wounds when you acutally do not need to cover the whole body. VetHelps’ Leg Covers come in 6 sizes and are available for each individual leg – right/left front leg and right/left rear leg. They are a lot more difficult for a pet to remove, which often is the case with a bandage.


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