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“Our mission is to sell products that are affordable, sustainable and all about making life easier for both our pets and pet owners alike.” This is the story about how we came up with the idea for our Recovery Line.

"It all started with an infected tick bite..."

In the early summer of 2018, Irena’s Jack Russel, Eddie, got an infection from a tick bite. After a visit to a veterinary clinic, Eddie was forced to wear a plastic cone collar to help get rid of his infection. However, that was easier said than done. Despite a great deal of patience from his family, that cone was more off than on. Which then led to a longer recovery for Eddie.

Later that summer, while on vacation in Hungary, two newly castrated dogs played around Kristinas’s feet. The fact that they had recently had surgery did not seem to bother them andon the contrary, they seemed very happy. Kristina made note of their full body suits and the comfortable fit. This meant that, unlike Eddie who was held back by his cone, they could play freely while their wounds were protected by the suits instead of plastic or inflatable collars.

The Recovery Line is born

While body suits already were available on the market, these bodies were different in a very important way. They were developed by veterinarians with its functionality and the animal’s wellbeing in focus. That is likely one of the factors that made Csinieb’s body suits veterinarian’s first choice in Hungary ever since their start in 2012.

And so, the idea for our Recovery Line was born. Today, VetHelp is proud to be the exclusive retailer in the Nordics of the Recovery Suits by Csineb. It is our goal to make our Recovery Line the first choice for pets, owners and veterinarians alike.

“But what about Eddie?”

Eddie has since then, recovered from his first mishap and is now a proud owner of a medical suit from VetHelp Recovery Line. He is working full time, helping us at VetHelp to tell his story and introduce Recovery Line to the world.


cat sitting in a pink vethelp surgery body

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